Detox: Closing In On Week One.

I still have two more full weeks to go on this thing. But the first week (well, okay, it's only day six) has gone quite well. I have ore energy. And towards the end of this week - in yoga class - I was able to go more deeply into a few poses that have always plagued me.

So that's something. Nevermind the flu-like symptoms that I gained... Which I am told are completely normal.

Each day, I started with a smoothie. A very special smoothie. One that I was afraid of in thought... But turned out to be quite good.

It involved me having to take a special protein powder and put it into the Best Kale Smoothie recipe I created a few years back.

It starts with coconut water and a banana in the blender...

And some kale tossed right on top...

And there are four pills I have to take a day...

They're B vitamins and some special detox thing. But because I don't like to swallow pills, I bust them open and dump them into the blender along with the protein powder...

And I also add pineapple (fresh), strawberries(fresh) and blueberries (frozen) to the whole thing.

It looks questionable, but actually tastes. Good. And for most of this week, I only had one shake, in the morning. These next few days, I have to up that to two shakes, one before breakfast and one before dinner.

But that's only till Tuesday this week. That's when the full week detox kicks in for me, and I have to go completely vegan.  Once that hits, I have to do three shakes a day... One before breakfast (which I'll drink on the drive to work), one before lunch, and one before dinner (which I'll drink on the drive home).

The shakes are quite filling. So it doesn't leave much room for anything else. But I figured if I drink the morning and evening shakes on my drives, then go work out (gym in the morning and yoga in the evening), I'll be hungry for another meal.


Earlier in the week, I was being more strict than I needed to on this thing. I was shunning potatoes, agave-sweetened things and hummus. Turns out I can actually have a lot of things on this detox.  So my options opened up when I talked to my acupuncturist yesterday.

"Ohmygosh, girl!" he said. "There are desserts you can have at the health food store. And yes, you can have potatoes. They're not night shades!"

So I went to the store and bought one of these...

Hail Merry desserts, which I had originally tried a year and a half ago when at my teacher training recertification. This one was a lime tart. And as soon as I bit into it, my whole face reacted. It was TART! And SWEET!

But so good. 

It took me about an hour to finish the little thing though. Every bite was a surprise to my taste buds.

And because I didn't want to force the B-friend to have to eat hummus and rice crackers for dinner (which has been my go-to meal this week), I created a version of chicken fried rice that was safe for me. And he really liked it.

So the detox hasn't been boring so far. I haven't missed coffee... Not even when I went to my favorite local coffee shop here in Encinitas on Friday and met me boss for our weekly meeting. I had green tea instead. 

But trust me, I am looking forward to that first cup that I can have in approximately 15 days.