"Get Writing."

These were Mark's words of advice to me pretty much from the start of the session we had yesterday.

When I am at the retreats in Peru, I keep a large part of myself private. Mostly because I am processing whatever comes into my conscious mind during the week... But also because I like observing others. Visually and energetically. So Mark had no idea that I was a writer coming out of the Cusco retreat in February. The only hint he may have gotten of it was from me burying myself into my journal to take notes.

"Are you a writer?" he asked.

I admitted that I was. He asked what kind of writer.

"I've always wanted to publish fiction," I confessed. "But really, my talent seems to be in writing essays. Short stories about my observations and experiences."

He said that was the "Aries" in me.

"Short stories are sharp and to the point," he said. "Just like an Aries."

He pointed out in my chart that I had three things in Aries at the time of my birth...

The Sun - Which represents the self. My main sign.

Venus - The muse. She represents beauty and passion. Creativity. In Aries, it represents a draw towards an eventful life, which not everyone can keep up with. (Ain't that the truth?) Always the Alpha. People with this in Aries tend to be natural performers, and tend to take the lead on things. (Well, duh. No kidding.) Impactful. (On the romance side, Venus in Aries people like partners who have their own thing going on. No shiz!) In my chart, Venus is in the 2nd House. But Mark said that because it was so close to the 3rd House, he actually sees it playing more in there.

South Node of the Moon - Suggests a person always on the defense. The warrior instinct is prepared to survive, and when in the South Node of the Moon. And that's not necessarily a good thing. I have to work at being patient and around others.  That's a lesson of this life, for me specifically. Which is why despite being an Aries, I should NOT work alone or solo within a company. I should be working in a team and helping to lead it. That's part of my growth journey in this life.

But beyond each of these things being in Aries, it's also relevant to note that they are all three in the 3rd House of my birth chart, along with Mercury.

The 3rd House is the House of Communication. It suggests reflective intelligence, and how we share it with the world around us. The 3rd house is ruled by Gemini and the planet Mercury, overall.  And funny enough, Mercury is in that house for me. (And not that it necessarily correlates... But I'm dating a Gemini.)

"You have a lot of Gemini in your chart," Mark noted. I smiled at that, though he couldn't see me.

Mercury represents communication as well. Writing... Speaking... All related to this planet. And it sits in the house it rules for me. Also to note, Mercury is in Taurus in my chart.  Taurus is a stubborn sign. Practical, but stubborn. They are do-ers, and mentally focused. Good in business.  They tend to give a decision solid though - which doesn't have to mean "long" or "drawn out", but rather, "focused". (Seriously, that is me. For reals.)

At the start of the session I had mentioned to Mark that I wanted to cover off what Pluto being in my 8th House represented.

"I do feel like a naturally intuitive person," I told him.

He agreed that it was part of my nature. But...

"I would actually say your Pluto is more in the 9th House," he said. "It's so close to the 9th House. And based on where other planets are, it's acting like it's in your 9th House more."

"The 9th House is the House of Publishing," he added.


No wonder he asked if I was a writer.

Pluto being in the 9th House represents someone who researches things before forming an opinion. A person who expresses themselves creatively. A good public speaker. To quote one thing I found online that speaks to this planet in this house:
"Some of your most intense and life-changing experiences may come through travel or in connection with other cultures."
Now, I realize that is an obvious and vague thing to say. But really, I can say it truly does represent me.

"You seem to have huge creative potential," Mark said. A lot of it was in my birth chart. "I think it would be really good for you to publish. It will bring out your Pluto."

He went on to point out that Pluto and Venus were exactly opposite each other in my chart.. Which just speaks to my passion in relationships.  (Intense, with a tendency to lose myself. Which is why I keep relationships a bit at a distance.. And that's not necessarily a good thing, people.)

A more important opposition in my chart, however, is Mercury and Uranus, on a vertical angle. It represents a quick mind and awareness. Being intuitive. An instigator. One who doesn't take well to any kind of feeling as though I am "faking" something. What you see is what you get. Operating from a genuine nature. No bullshit.

"Mercury is the mind... And it's connecting with Uranus, "Mark said. "You have flashes of inspiration. You are a lateral thinker. You see trends. What's coming."

All of this led Mark to advise me strongly to "get writing."

"Right now," he said, looking at where the planets are for me now, "This is a very good time for you to write. June pf this year in particular would be very good for you to get productive on this."

Ah... The future.

That part of my session will be for a later post.