Los Olivos - A Quiet Little Street.

I've been in a few little towns in various wine countries throughout the world. I even got married in one.

But unless you're being chauffeured around, and can enjoy the wine tastings, you'll be making your way through all that the town has to offer quite quickly.

Such is the case with me and the little town of Los Olivos.

Just a short 10 minute drive from where I am staying in the Santa Ynez Valley, Los Olivos came recommended to me by Frogger.

"You'll love it!"

And she was correct. I do love it. But most of it is contained within one street.  Beautiful shops and tasting rooms lining either side...

I walked it in 30 minutes. And that is with me entering a few tasting rooms and looking... Such as the Saarloos.

The area was adorable. It had an eerily quiet vibe to it, though. Perhaps because it was cloudy and sprinkling?

I did dig on this little camper...


And nearby were these old wagons...

The town was nearly deserted. A few of the tasting rooms I went into didn't seem to have anyone behind the bar. I would have thought them closed, had the sign on the front door not read, "Sorry, We're OPEN!"

I was so surprised by how quiet the street was, I nearly missed this guy attempting to accost me!

I fended him off, though... Don't you worry!


He was moving fast. So I quickly darted into a very girlie shop of clothing and home goods.

A store like this would have been heaven for me circa age 30. Shabby chic! Now, though? It overwhelms me with it's girlie-ness.

Still... I circulated throughout the space, taking refuge from the creepy snail.  And I even managed to find something I liked enough to buy...  A silver plated tea tray!

I walked out of the shop and felt the rain coming down a little harder. I decided to hop back in my vehicle, and head back to my part of the valley.

Such a quiet little street.