Priorities: "Playing. Sharing. Having Fun."

"It's the house of Good Fortune," Mark said.

He was explaining the transit of the planets since my birth. And, according to him, Gemini is currently in my 5th House... The house of happiness, playfulness, passion, children, creativity...

"It's going to be there until the end of the year," he said. "It's a good time to write. You should be having more fun and expressing more creativity."

As he was reading the progression of the planets from the past few years till now, he asked me...

"What happened in 2013? It looks like something started at the beginning of then, and it was big."


"That's around the time my ex-husband and I started to battle (as the two Aries Rams we are) about where we were going to live. I wanted to live partially in the U.S. and partially in Canada. And we had the money, the jobs, and no personal responsibilities. So we could do it. He, however, wanted me to move back to Canada full time. Eventually, we both realized that our versions of partnership were very different. And by mid-2013, we were ready to split. And then did."

We essentially broke apart our lives. But did so in a very compassionate and responsible way.

"And something happened in 2011, I see," Mark added.

I laughed.

"Yes. That's when I accepted a job in New York City," I explained. "I was living in NYC on the weekdays, and in Toronto on the weekends."

It was all in my chart. The changes. The disruptions.

"You have a Saturn transit," he mentioned. "It's now in Sagittarius, in your 10th House. This is the House of Career. It entered there at the end of 2013. What has been going since then?"

I laughed again. It was just too charming and magical.

"That's when I quit all of my work, and decided to just go travel the world for seven months," I said.

"Well, Saturn restructures whatever it is in," he said. "It looks like from 2014 to the end of 2016, your career is in focus. You're taking on more responsibility. A significant role. Decision time."

"It's the right time to change what needs to be changed. You're an authority figure known for the work you do. You need to be much more aware of the impact of your work."

This made me pause for a moment. Because I was in the middle of a decision. But I was still unsure which way to go with it.

"You should be writing," he said, again.

Well, I thought, that seals it.

He went on to tell me that I had another big shift coming in the Spring of 2016.

"It looks like you have a major change coming in May of 2016.  Uranus is on top of the Sun. So expect the unexpected. Life will be nudging you. There will be sudden opportunities."

"You should be writing," he said, yet again.

Alright, I thought. I shall reprioritize.