Sexual Chocolate Wine.

Once I got back to the small town of Solvang, where my hotel is located, I decided to walk along the streets a little to find a tasting adventure.

Like Olivos, though, the town was very quiet. Every tasting room I went in to, there was no one else. And I didn't want to be the only one in there tasting things. Not at all because I love a crowd (I don't)... But because I wanted to blend in. I did not want to have to engage in forced conversation or be the sole person of interest for the person working.

The last place I went in to, right next to my hotel, had a more humorous side to it's wine.  I asked the gentleman reading behind the bar if I could try one wine in particular that I saw displayed.

"Ah. That's the one wine we don't have available for tastings," he said.

I found the wine so amusing, I didn't care. I was going to buy it without tasting it.  I'd made much risker gambles before in the past with wine choosing. Something told me, though, that this one wouldn't be high-risk.

Great name. It references a great movie from the 1980s.

What initially pulled me in to have an interest in the wine was the label...

Just a couple of guys... Who enjoy drinking wine... Making a fun job for themselves as adults.

Can't go wrong with that!

Also... I got a nice surprise when I pulled the cork out of the bottle...

"No Drama." How perfect.

A very tasty red blend. I need to go back to the tasting room and pick up a few more bottles tomorrow. I hope he still has some left.