The Fixed Grand Cross & The Fire Grand Trine.

"You have a Grand Cross," Mark informed me. "It's rare to see. Yours is the third one I've come across since I started doing astrology."

Well... That just made me feel special.

"This ready is really worth the money," I thought to myself.

My ego fed a little, I looked at my chart to see what he was referring to...

My Grand Cross was with the Fixed signs in astrology: Aquarius (Air), Leo (Fire), Taurus (Earth), and Scorpio (Water). I had four planets at close right angles to each other, and each was in a different element.

"People with Grand Crosses have to work harder. They're pulled in multiple directions." he said. "They feel stuck because of it."

Researching the Fixed Grand Cross on my own later, I read that this is true... But once the person gets out of that stuck feeling, they charge ahead.

I think I am out of that rut. (More on that in the next post.)

The other thing present in my natal chart was a Fire Grand Trine.

All three Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) form a triangle connection of 120 degrees. 

From a source online...
 Fire Grand Trines tend to be constantly busy with one activity or another. Individuals possessing a Fire Grand Trine are likely to over-extend themselves in the process because the tendency of the Fire element is to burn until there is no more fuel (or oxygen) left
Um. Yes. Obviously.

My take-away from this portion of the natal chart session with Mark was revealing about my personality. Or rather, really just stating the obvious. But as I was listening to him read the chart and explain the correlations, I found it very accurate as a description to me. Which is largely what I wanted insight into. It wasn't about predicting my future (though Mark did give me some insights on movements for me - coming in a later post), it was about getting comfortable with who I am and the my instincts

Meaning: Yes. I am someone who freaks out when she feels she is held in place... And as a result, pushes herself straight into something which - while well thought out - drains her energy.

The four elements hold me in place... But the "circle of Fire energy" (as Mark called it) pushes me.

This really does explain the past few years.