Time To Get Writing.

It's nearly June. And if I heed the advice from Mark the astrologer earlier in the month, I should be prioritizing writing this month.

Writing... Writing... Writing...

Oh yeah! That thing I seem to like doing but a so self-conscious about doing!

But despite my habit of looking at my writing and internally squealing, "This is complete crap!" and erasing it... This past month I managed to eek out two essays from my list I have drafted...

I know. Not a very big list. Just a few scribbled ideas. But it's a start. One of the essays was 10 pages long.  Only like 23 more essays to go!

And by the sound of it... June is the time to get writing.  So it looks like I need to spend some time this evening filling that blackboard wall out some more.

Oh. And watching Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley.