Why Don't You... Work It Like "Working Girl" Tess McGill?

I was around age 20 when I discovered the awesomeness of the movie Working Girl.

The movie wasn't even 10 years old at this point, so the style and technology of 1988 didn't fascinate me. If anything, it was dated and not at all cool to identify with the fried hair and aggressive makeup styles. And also the big bold jewelry...

I found the dynamic of the fast-paced workplace that Tess inhabited intriguing.

Oh... And her boss, Katharine Parker...

Girl power all the way!

The way she carries herself, walking above the secretary pool. Her hair. Her pearl earrings. Her draped wool coat. The newspaper (such an outdated thing!) in her gloved hand. A briefcase!!!!

But make no mistake... Katharine is a betch. Like, totally. She steals Tess's idea for a merger!


So you can hardly blame Tess for leveraging an opportunity to use Katharine's assets to pull the deal together herself.

And Katharine has some great stuff to pull off an identity-changer for Tess.

Great dress. Even though her best friend Cyn disapproves of it...  It has no bows.  And it costs $6000 dollars.

I really wish I could pull off the teal and rust brown eyeshadow look. Eyeshadow never looks good on me though. If it did, I would rock it every damn day.

Also... We can't talk about this movie without referencing the timelessness of Harrison Ford as Jack Trainor...

The love interest of both Katharine and Tess.  He is warm and classic. And his style? Never went out of trend!

It's mostly to do with how he carries himself.  He just does not care what may bother others. He's a man who gets things done.  Even when he goes into the ladies bathroom to pee... 

Tess was always out of place in her original world. She carried herself differently too. Kind and sweet. But she always had a hint of sophistication beyond what was around her. She too is classic.

Especially when she is consoling a momentarily sad, spoiled bride...

"No. (I love it.) It's just like paradise with little gold palm trees."

Flash-forward almost two decades later... And I am in love with the movie for its message and its style. 

Dig the pink and gold bathroom. Dig the bride's gown. Dig Tess's cream-colored suit. Dig it all!

I want to inhabit Tess's style!