"You're So Healthy!"

It wasn't surprising to hear. Or perhaps it was?

"Girl, you are lucky!" said my acupuncturist, Dr. L., reading my lab report.

A week earlier he'd had be go to a lab and have blood work done. When I got there, they also asked me to pee in a cup - which is never easy for me, as I am bad at peeing on demand. ("I just don't have to go.")

All the testing was to rule out a thyroid issue. 

"I want to see if there's anything that science can tell us, because I am seeing that you have a slow metabolism."

He was right. But I knew it wasn't my thyroid causing my low energy. It's because I run on adrenaline and fumes.

  • I don't eat breakfast.
  • I guzzle coffee first thing in the morning.
  • Except when I am actually in a Bikram class, I don't drink water. Maybe two cups a day.

My adrenals are shot. It's not a thyroid problem. It's a "not knowing how to be a functioning and disciplined adult when it comes to my health" problem. And looking at the paperwork, the data backed up this idea.

"You have low cholesterol. Your Uric acid is low. You are very lucky. You're estrogen is low too? Are you on the pill?"


"Well, I'm not worried about that. But I am worried about a few other things..."

Some of the areas where I was low indicated some overworked adrenals and liver. 

Again, not surprising to me.

Which is why I agreed, when he concluded, to go on a liver detox for three weeks. 

"You're body is so inflamed," he said. "Things are working too hard when they shouldn't be. You need to clean it out for a few weeks. Can you do that?"

Naturally. Of course I can.

He explained the detox to me, and put in an order for a special powder I have to drink each morning.

He also recommended a few supplements, which I already take on occasion. The hardest thing would be the food restrictions. In particular, coffee.

No dairy. (No problem.)
No gluten. (No problem.)
No wheat. (No problem.)
No soy. (No problem.)
No eggs. (No problem.)
No red meat or pork. (No problem.)
No nightshade veggies. (No problem.)
No shellfish. (With pleasure, I can give that up.)
One week of all vegetarianism. (No horrible.)
No coffee. (Bloody hell!)
No sugar. (Sad face.)
No wine. (Mother effer!)

Actually, the wine I am fine without too. But the coffee and sugar will be tough. My diet will consist of veggies, chicken and turkey, fruits, and nuts. I'll clean the liver out, and get the thyroid and the pituitary glands communicating better with each other. And, hopefully, getting some more energy going through me on a consistent basis.

Would probably help, too, if I didn't go so deep into work.

Here's to trying to start anew on that one!