"You're Very Good At Change."

About a month ago, I arranged to do an official session with Mark Flaherty, a UK-based astrologer who also helps organize the ayahuasca retreats I go on in Peru.  

Mark was leading the astrology section of the Sacred Valley tour I did in Cusco back in February.  I learned quite a bit about reading my birth chart on that tour, and wanted to have him do an official reading of it for as a birthday present to myself... And I also wanted him to review where the planets are now in my chart.

He sent me an updated version of my chart to review in the 90 minute session.

The difference between this version and the one from February is that this one had the Nodes of the Moon.  

There was a lot to cover in the 90 minutes... And before I hopped on the Skype call this early AM (California time), I forgot to grab a note pad. So I kept reaching for spare bits of paper I had on my table, which ended up being pieces of junk mail and envelopes...

Now comes the fun past of deciphering what it all says. And looking at these notes...

I realize it is likely going to take me a few posts  to really zero in on the messaging. 

The one thing Mark noted right away was how much Fire element I have in my chart. About 40% of my chart is dominated by Fire sign interactions with the planets and houses.

"Aries is the warrior," Mark reminded me. "There's an exaggerated survival instinct. The image of an Aries personality is like the Big Bang." 

I laughed. He said that Aries charge into something, and like to see changes happen fast. We have to work at patience.

"You've very good at change. Aries is all about new beginnings. They are fast. Others can't keep up."

I laughed at that too. No one can deny I've thrived on it in the past few years.

He also went on to reaffirm for me that Aries are about action, the doing, creativity and inspiration.

There's more to the chart to be dissected in the coming days. But I will say that the session was overall really great and helpful.