A Budding Lemon.

"And I want a Meyer lemon tree put somewhere."

I was adamant about that. And my contractor understood. 

"We can put a dwarf Meyer tree here (in the front planter)," he assured me.

He also assured me that no fruit would be growing on it anytime soon.  That it would take "at least till next Spring for anything to grow on it."

And he informed me that the tree didn't need much watering, just like the rest of the sustainable plants he planted for me. 

But earlier this month I was worried.

My little lemon tree, which hadn't grown much, was looking sad.  So I called an arborist to come and take a look at it.

"See," I said to him, flourishing my arms like Vanna White on Wheel of Fortune, "It's so sad. Am I not watering it enough?"

He looked at it closely. It was fine, he said.

"When was your house painted?" he asked.  He noticed small specks of latte-colored paint on it.  

He also pointed out that there was growth on the plant... And that it would be producing fruits soon.

"See the little yellow bulb in the middle of the flower?" he asked.  "That's the start of a new lemon. And a few of these flowers have been pollenated. So you'll have some soon."

I was giddy. Fruit way sooner than I expected?

I can hardly wait for the beautiful fragrance!