Detox: Hitting The Halfway Point.

I've hit the mid-point in this detox. That's 11 days down, and 10 days more to go.

And surprisingly, I've not caved on anything... And have been very good.  I have two more days left in my "vegan" part of this three week detox. Then I can incorporate chicken back into my meals.  And boy will I!

Doing this whole thing has confirmed for me: I LOVE MEAT!

Coffee? Sugar? I've barely missed those, believe it or not. But meat? I crave that still. Badly. 

The past few days - as I mentioned - are the strictest in the detox. Finding foods that I was willing to eat was tough at first. But the protein powder smoothies I have had to drink before each meal in this part of the plan taste good and are filling. I don't even bother with a breakfast after drinking them. And lunch has typically been this...

A Hail Merry tart, hummus, and brown rice unsalted crackers. And I've been happy with it. No complaints.  But as I've gotten more comfortable with what I am allowed to eat, I started to branch out. And yesterday, at work, I brought this for lunch:

Healthy fried rice (coconut aminos, rice, carrot, spring onion, white onion) and Monkey Salad (banana, cashews, coconut chips).

I came up with the rice recipe when I made dinner last weekend for the B-Friend and myself.

We both liked it. 

But these are still my favorite thing...

The tarts!!

The thing is, though, they're so sweet naturally that I can only get through half of the teeny tart in one sitting. These will definitely be staying in my regular food rotation after this detox.

For sure.

But you may wonder what I've noticed in my body from doing this whole thing.  Well...
  • I seem to have a little more discipline and energy when I wake up in the mornings.
  • I fall right to sleep at night. As soon as I get into bed... I immediately drift off.
  • As a result of the vitamins I am taking with this, every time I pee it is nuclear yellow. 
  • The yoga classes earlier in the week have been some of my best because I am able to go more deeply into any forward bend.
  • I crave meats.

That's it so far. As I said, I don't miss coffee. But, I will be returning to drink it again when this is all over.

Just 10 more days. And then I can have bacon and coffee again.