Dinner Of A Winner.

I love to cook. From scratch. 

I've been known to roast my own tomatoes in order to make tomato sauce for pasta. I've even made my own flour tortillas.

But most days... I barely cook. I live alone. So it's rarely worth the effort at the end of a long day.  

Some may see this as "Sad." I do not. I see it as a license to eat (or not eat) whatever suits my mood. And after coming home a glass of wine, I was in the mood for some unconventional things.. Which were the only things in my pantry and fridge.

Coconut pancakes...

And unsalted rice crackers with low fat veggie cream cheese.

While most may scoff at such a random meal, I'll have you know that it was awesome.

Plus... It's all I had in the kitchen.

Besides coffee and cream.

Which I REFUSE to have this late at night.

Because... I have standards.

(Written while scarfing the last pancake down, and guzzling the last sip of San DIego County zinfandel. CLASSY!)