Energy Releases.

I started my day off at my aesthetician's, getting beauty treatments that I visit her for each month. (Brow waxing!)  We've gotten to know each other well enough over the past number of months through talking while she works on me. (I also see her for massages once a month, She's the best!)

Today, while she was running the sugar mixture over my brows, she was telling me about something that happened a few weeks ago...

"I was working on releasing some negative energy... And I felt it leave my body. But afterwards, I was in so much pain. It was right around my kidneys. I had to go to the hospital, it was so bad! And it was ultimately just a muscle spasm. But it was so painful they wanted to give me morphine." 

Wow. Morphine? Holy shit.

We talked about energy purges, and how some are easier than others. I mentioned that I like to remind yoga students and teachers that yawning is a good example of an energy purge.  A gentle one. But there are other energy purges - such as the one my healer had experienced - that are painful. Incredibly painful.

They get to be that painful when they build up over time.

Later in the afternoon, I was at my acupuncturist's. Since my detox, I'm very aware of what foods trigger reactions in me. Spicy foods, for example. And wheat. But as I was laying on the table this afternoon, my healer remarked about the difference in pulse strength from the various points on the body.

"Where are you in your cycle?" he asked. He said my feminine pulse was weaker, indicating something was happening.

"I just ovulated," I said. Something I'm very aware of when my body does it.  "I'll get my next period in the jungle."

He said that explained it. The female system was overworked right now.

He put the needles in me, as usual. And ended,like always, with one in my third eye.  I rested for 20 minutes, napping gently. Then he came in and took them out, wiping each point with a little alcohol as the needle was removed.

I flipped over, and he put them in my back.  I rested for another 20 minutes, and those came out too.

As I got up off the table, I looked in the mirror. I noticed a sizable blood smear on my third eye. I walked out of the room and pointed it out to him.

"I released some energy!" I said.

He was surprised that I knew that's what that was a sign of fro the session. But I reminded him that I started on the acupuncture path about 10 years ago, having seen various healers on a regular basis.

Energy releases are very good things. They can be difficult. But they are good for you. It's one of the reasons I go to a hot yoga class. It's why I've always been such an easy crier. And the ayahuasca retreats in the jungle?  Pure energy release.

You just need to get whatever you are holding on to that serves no purpose for you out.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what comes out for me in the next week and a half in the jungle.