Inspiration In Visual Moments.

"I wish you would write more."

I have heard that a bit over the past year. Ever since I ended my travels. I always assumed that 7 months of traveling would satiate me. Being an introvert, recharging at the end of the day is easier to do at home than in hotel rooms.  And 7 months of seeing new things and writing about them seemed extravagant enough.

But really, I've learned that its not.

Still, though, I needed to learn to find inspiration in other ways. In simpler, cheaper ways. Finding a story to share... It's not as easy as it was when I was traveling.  Sometimes, all I have to share are images of things that amuse me.

Like this...

I shot this in San Diego County wine country a few weekends back.  A lizard was looking out over the vineyard, perched from the fence on the hill. It must have felt significant to him, the view.  Like he could capture his world.

I was jealous of his moment. But I am glad I captured it.

This image I came across the other day...

The Dude riding Falcor?

I don't know if life feels better than that! So bad ass!

And another image of badass-omeness...

A koala bear drinking from a spoon as he contemplates the intricacies of life. His pensive stare speaks loudly. He is comfortable right where he is.

And an image that is all to familiar for me...

Morning coffee with the bumblebees playing in my back sage bushes.  Very calming.

Capturing the world... An awesome dude on an awesome ride, traveling the sky while drinking a White Russian... A feeling of comfort in the moment... And calming conversation with bees...

Something inspiring to take away from each image. And something to write about to share.