Late Night Plunking.

"Plunk. Plunk. Plunk."

I was pulled out of my deep sleep.  It was dark in my room. The plunking sound reminded me of water dropping from a faucet.

"Plunk. Plunk. Plunk."

I sat up in bed. The medicine my doctor had prescribed me for anxiety had finally kicked in, which was explaining the crazy dream I from which I was pulled.  I got up and stumbled out of bed to the bathroom - where the sound was echoing from.

Without even turning on the light, my eyes adjusted to the darkness and notices a massive bubble in the ceiling. 

I switched the light on and saw it in its full glory.

I ran downstairs, got a bowl form the cupboard, and brought it back upstairs.

Then I climbed up on a step stool and scissored a larger opening in the bubble...

And a lovely puddle of water washed out into the bowl.

I was able to deduce, in the middle-of-the-night sleepy stupor that it wasn't a roof leak. (It hasn't really rained recently!) But I had recently used the AC. Which meant this could be an issue where condensation from the AC unit was getting trapped in the ceiling.

Good times. Expensive times.