The Notorious Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Or, "RBG" as she is known in the worshippers' circles.

Earlier this year, Yummy Mummy (a friend from Boston by way of the North County of San Diego) released the first in her #BossLady totes.  She started with Jenna Lyons, the creative director from J. Crew whose mellow "I could give a fuck, but am chic as hell" style we all can appreciate. But I knew that one of the biggest inspirations in girl power wouldn't be far from the top of the launch list.

#BossLady Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the toughest and most logical person on the Supreme Court.

Notorious RBG - BossLady Totes

I have a ton of sacks of this nature. Living in Encinitas, you're charged a fee when you don't bring your own bags. But none of my bags are this awesome. Or Notorious.

So naturally, I bought one. I told Robin (Yummy) that I would order a Marisa Mayer one or Tina Fey one or Amy Poehler one the moment she came out with them.

I would order 10 of Beyonce, and give them out as gifts.

I would order NONE of Kim Kardashian.  But would totally order a few of Kanye, should she decide that Kanye is worthy of a #BossLady hashtag.