Think Pink!

I've wanted to do this since the age of nine, when I got my Jem doll for Christmas. She had pink hair. And I loved it. My mother would never let me color my hair though. At all. It was something that would have to wait until I got older. At least 18.

Well, 18 rolled around... And I was in university. But I always had a job, and later an internship, that wouldn't have liked the wacky color. So I never got to experiment.  After university, it was straight into the working world... And colorful hair - at the time - wouldn't have been a good thing.

Plus, I met my ex-husband in my early 20s... And he didn't like the idea anyway.

But as time passed, things became more acceptable. And about 8 years ago, when working for one of my all-time favorite bosses - Mr. Sports - I realized it would be totally fine to try coloring my hair a wacky color. The Husband was against it though. But I did it anyway, just a very small streak of hot pink.

It broke off two weeks after doing it, because the place I went to just did not know how to lift the natural color out safely. 

So I put it out of my mind, "thinking pink."

Until last month....  And then I made it my mission to gradually lighten my hair and filter hot pink into it.  Today was the second step in what I thought would take about three or four salon sessions to achieve. 

Here is the "Before"...

Still was loving the red color that it had been lightened to. We put two sessions of bleach on my hair, and let it "cook" under the heat dryer. That took over two hours to do.

Then a treatment went on, followed by a partial blow dry.  Then the color went on. FOUR tubes of magenta color.

After sitting for 45 minutes with it soaking in, we trimmed the ends a little. Then blew it out.

And after five hours, I left the salon looking like this...


I love it!

I know this color will fade out quickly. By the end of this week, it will be much, much lighter. But I love the color. And I love that my stylist pushed me to keep my roots dark.  That way my dark eyebrows don't look out of place.

It's definitely what I would have called "punk rock hair" as a child.

I'll be wearing all kinds of moisturizing masques on it from here on out, just to counteract all of the damage we did to lighten it.  And next month, I may try a blue or lavender-grey color instead of pink.

But for now... I feel bad ass.