Ayahuasca Diaries: A Rainbow On The Path.

I've honed my flight schedule, after three visits to Iquitos, to get out of the city straightaway.

The way it times out... We leave camp. We get back to the city. I have an hour or so to play around. then I hop a motorcab to the airport for $10 soles.

I'm able to get on an afternoon flight, connecting very briefly in Panama, and then on to LAX.

I wake up in the jungle. I sleep in my bed in Encinitas that night.

I'm never good with good-byes when we leave the camp. It's because I know I will see these people (most of them) again in some way. So it's more of a "See you later."

I hadn't eaten breakfast. And my stay in Iquitos was so brief that I didn't have time to get anything before hopping over to the airport. And my anal retentiveness about getting to the airport as early as possible meant that I went through security without getting anything from the cafes. And much to my dismay, there wasn't any place to get anything beyond security, given how small the Iquitos airport is.

I was starving.

But I was headed home. And there was much to deal with when I got back.

I'd spent the week processing and releasing things. And while at the camp, I was certain of what I needed to do. But as soon as I got back to the chaos of Iquitos, and then to the chaos of the airport... I started to falter in the beliefs that I had grown secure with in those six days.

I was the first to have my ticket processed by the gate agent. They pointed me out to the plane, which was parked far away from the airport. I walked across the cement to the plane. It had just finished raining, cleansing the space. The Sun was peeking back out, moving beyond the clouds.

And then I saw the rainbow.

Just beyond the plane. It was thin, and stretched wide. But the colors were strong.

I ascended the stairs to the plane, telling myself that if a rainbow crossed my path again in the near future, I would take it as a sign that what I'd put together in the Medicine World was correct and that I should feel confident in it.

I took my seat at the front of the plane, watching all of the guests pile inside. The air conditioning was on, and I was freezing. It had grown dark outside again with clouds, and was raining lightly. I settled into my Kindle book and made friends with Maurice, the business class attendant. Soon it was time to take off.

It was still sprinkling as we took off down the runway. We ascended, climbing beyond the city's dusty borders. The Sun began to peek out again, and lit the sky as we went higher. I looked out my window at the river... Watching it's snaking through the verdant junglescape.

And off in the distance, a second rainbow was illuminated.

I smiled.  My secret thoughts affirmed.

I closed my Kindle, reclined my seat, closed my eyes, and drifted off.. Forgetting I was hungry. Forgetting that we were delayed leaving, and that I would be lucky to have a chance to run to my connecting gate once I got to Panama City.

I was headed home. And there was a rainbow on my path.