Ayahuasca Diaries: Tobacco Ceremony - Preparing To Work Deeper.

"How many people would be interested in doing a tobacco ceremony?"

Malcolm was asking the group, trying to determine how much tobacco he needed to prepare.

Nearly everyone raised their hands. Many of us had done it before at one of the retreats. My trip to Cusco in February had introduced me to the tradition of snorting tobacco water up your nose.

So I was definitely going to be doing it again.

We would be using it as a way to help cleanse before the plant ceremony. It was night four of the ayahuasca retreat, and it was going to help warm up that Crown chakra.

We each had a shallow bucket and a roll of toilet paper. Malcolm came around to each of us and squeezed the spicy brown liquid into our cupped palms. 

I brought my hands up to my nose, and submerged it. I quickly inhaled the water up my nasal openings, and threw my head back.

I got it up both nostrils right away.

And down my top.

Malcolm came around a second time, and squeezed more into my palms. I repeated the same steps, this time resulting in it running down the back my throat.

My Throat chakra was now warmed up too.

I was ready for going further in my journey that evening.