I didn't know what to do.  With my hair.

I was due at the salon in less than an hour, and I didn't know what I wanted to do with the color.

So I crowd-sourced ideas...

Facebook is always a good choice for uncovering ideas.

Lots of people wanted to see me play with the color again... Going back to hot pink, or even trying purple or blue.

I had toyed with going back to brown. But would that be boring? There had been a lot of talk online recently about a blonde-brown color that was gaining popularity.

I knew that I did NOT want to add more bleach just yet. My hair was dry and and brittle. So putting a chemical on it and then throwing me under the heat lamp was just going to be too much right now.

"How about I left some of the color out of the previous highlights, too cool it down... And then cover the roots with the dark?"

We weren't sure what color we would end up with for certain.  But after three hours, I was very pleased...


A cooled-down blonde-brown color.

I loved it.

I was worried that it wouldn't work with my dark eyebrows... But my fear was clearly misplaced.

It works. I am a bronde.