"You gotta try it. It's fucking great!"

Joe Rogan said this on his podcast. He does a lot of cool stuff, which I feel compelled to try to. Because the guy is all about his mind and body. I tried floating because of him. If I could, I would encourage him to try the actual ayahuasca experience, rather than smoking just DMT.  But he's a man who is all about efficiency.  Which is why he does cryotherapy.

It's an efficient way to address inflammation in your body. Some athletes hit the ice baths. But those in the know, and with access, stand in a chamber with their body (from the waist down) being blasted with arctic air.

A quick Google search turned up a place where I could try it out myself. And unsurprisingly, it was in my neighborhood.  Like a two minute drive from my house.

Chiltonic.  It's the ONLY cryotherapy place in all of San Diego Country right now. And it just opened in February.

Yesterday, for $40, I got to experience it for myself. And I will definitely be going back again.

After filling out the waiver, they measured my height in order to make sure they had the correct level put into the chamber that would allow my head and neck to be sticking out of the top.  Next, I was shown the dressing room, where I stripped down, wrapped a towel around me, put on some special socks and booties, and put on a robe.

You can't have any moisture on your body, otherwise it will freeze.  So I made sure to wick away the summertime sweat.

They walked me over to the machine and opened the door.

A plume of frozen air bellowed out.

I stepped in. It didn't feel too bad.

I took my robe off and pulled out out over the top for the technician.  She then placed boards over the top of the machine, to keep as much of the air below my neck.

Then she began to distract me with conversation.

Asking me questions about other things I may have tried. Where I had heard about cryotherapy. We started to talk about my ayahuasca trip coming up this week. Then, I began to feel light-headed.

Despite not feeling too cold from the neck down, my teeth were chattering. And my voice was that of a frozen person's.

"I f-f-f-eel-l light-headed!" I said to her.

She prompted me to lift my chin and breathe in the air above me. I felt much better. I only had a minute left out the three minutes I was programmed for in the thing.

Soon enough, the machine shut off. I stepped out. I checked my legs for shards of ice on them. I could see the blood warming them back up.

It wasn't bad at all! Not too cold. It felt really good.

And best part... Today the slight knee pain I felt yesterday while running intervals at the gym are gone.