The Magical Little Rashes.

I avoid going to traditional doctors.  I mean, trust me... I will go to the hospital or see a doctor if and when it is necessary.  But if I feel sick... Or have a pain of some kind... I usually hold off on seeking the typical medical treatment.

I've preferred alternative treatments for years. The yoga practice. The detoxes. The ayahuasca...  And acupuncture.

Needles. Being pricked into my body. Puncturing the very top layer of skin, delicately. At specific pressure points. Meridians. All with the intention of moving any energy (chi) hanging out, trapped in specific areas.

I do it as a preventative measure. But I've used it to cure ailments directly in the past. Back pain being the one thing, in my experience, for which I've directly used it. And it works.

Lately, though, it has been for preventative measures. I go every two weeks, for an hour. My healer is one of the best I've seen - though all I've seen over the years have been great. Every session typically goes the same way...

I lay down face up on the table. My tongue is looked at. My pulse is taken on both sides of my body, at the wrists. Needles go in... The last of which is put directly into my third eye. An eye pillow gets placed over my eyes. I rest for about 20 minutes.  Then the needles come out. I am flipped over onto my stomach. Needles go into very specific points on my back.

It's usually six needles. Two in the upper back, near the shoulder blades.  Two in the middle of the back. Two in the lower back. And I rest for about another 15 minutes.

At the end of today's session, though, my healer said to me, "Something very interesting happened today with your session."

I didn't feel any differently than when I had come in. When we were discussing my health and my trip to the jungle at the start of the session, I had mentioned that I did a lot of purging and it has continued since arriving back.

"I'm shifting things that aren't really working for me," I told him.

He had listened to what I was saying, and decided to put some intentions into the needle placement based on what I told him.

"When I pulled the needles out of your back," he said, "you had a histamine reaction. That's never happened before."

I didn't feel any differently. I wondered if that was a bad thing.

"Oh no," he said. "It's a good thing. A very good thing. It means it worked."

He explained to me that the placement of the needles were in these specific areas:

  • Heart (upper back, near the shoulder blades) to protect me
  • Kidneys (the middle back) to work on any fear I may have still been holding on to (as kidneys hold your fear... And when you have kidney problems, that's what they equate it to)
  • Intestines (lower back) to protect for the purging I had done last week

"This is all good. It means you are definitely changing in your physical body."

Afterwards, with the kidney points especially, I did realize that since the second ayahuasca ceremony in the jungle, I no longer got up three or more times a night to pee. And I had been doing that for about 14 years.  Every night, without fail, I would wake up at least twice, but usually three times, to pee.

Symbolic of fear.

But since then, I hadn't gotten up at all in the night. I could go a full six to seven hours without getting up to pee.  And it looks like my kidneys were recognizing the purge that I had done in the jungle.

As odd as it sounds... It makes logical sense to me. My body isn't so diluted with worrying, thinking, holding on to things that don't serve me... That it can process and react to things ore efficiently.

I loved it. I was grateful for it.

It is magic. Those little momentary rashes. (Which are now gone.)