"You Haven't Posted In Three Days."

Its' been a busy week back. Purging... Catching up on after my vacation and covering for people out this week at work... Making an effort to get back into my yoga practice...

I've gone to bed each night completely exhausted and ready for sleep.

Mister Potter, a friend I didn't quite know long ago but struck up a friendship with while on my travels, was chastising me last night about not having posted in over three days.

"I know," I said. "I have a ton to write and will get to it this weekend. I promise."

So much pressure!

Not really. But he's not the only one to echo that same sentiment at me in recent weeks.  I'm freeing up the space emotionally and physically to get this all done, though.

I promise.

"I could be writing instead of talking on the phone to you," I wanted to point out to him.

But conversational adventures with friends and adventures in real life muse me and provide things about which to write.

So I'll happily put writing on hold while I live and gather inspiration.