Brunch Chic: Champagne Icy Pops.

It's hot here in San Diego County.  And someone sent me a link for champagne popsicles.

The idea was genius. Deliciously genius.

Which meant that I had to pop out and pick up this...

A popsicle mold. A really good one.

I knew I was definitely going to make some strawberries and champagne popsicles (I call them "Pretty Woman Hooker Popsicles."), and some of these...

Aperol Spritz Popsicles!

I mixed the drinks and poured them into the molds...

And let them freeze overnight.

When I got done cleaning today, I popped outside with one of each.

Hmm... Pretty Woman Hooker Icy Pops!

And I quickly followed up with one of the Aperol Spritz Icy Pops.

I'm now buzzed. It's like I went to brunch!

Ohh... These would be perfect for a brunch!