Sunday Morning Moonlight & Marine Layer.

I've been to the beach the past four weekend. Usually Sunday morning.  I love it here.

I had been planning to go to a paddle board yoga class close to downtown. I decided to bail, though, when I woke up this morning to beautiful sunshine as I pulled up my blackout shade. 

"Fuck it," I said. "I'm going to the beach!"

But when I got there, it was still overcast slightly...

Moonlight Beach

The marine layer.

Despite this, it remained a pretty scene.

And the beach was starting to get more packed, even though it was just after 9am.

I watched the plots of sand get scooped up by families with boogie boards, surfboards, and beach canopies and umbrellas.

It was time to head back home. I was pleased with my intake of Vitamin D for the day.