The "B" Plan.

I was talking the other day with Adventurous Kate, a former co-worker of mine back in the day, about a potential visit she may be making to the West Coast in a few months. After nearly five years of non-stop travel, she is contemplating a break.

A break!

She said she would take an apartment in a major city, and then AirBnB it out when she was traveling.

"I've thought about that too," I told her. "In fact, my 'Plan B' is to rent my place out and live off of the rental fees."

But where would I go if I didn't live here in paradise?

The first thought I had was to travel continuously, like Kate. But that would be exhausting for me.  And then I had a second thought...

"I'd move to Iquitos (Peru) and study the medicine plants, and write a book."

But this is a passing thought, I think. I'm not ready to give up the everyday life right now. This idea is I'd pursue something like this later on, in a few years.

Though... I wondered whether or not I could handle living in chaotic Iquitos.

The Pros:

  • It's not expensive. The rental fees from my place here would go very, very far in Iquitos. 
  • I'd have close access to studying the medicine plants and to the shamans.
  • It'd be a new adventure...  A new challenge. Living in a foreign country. A different language. Different currency. Different foods.
  • I'd be able to focus on writing. Fewer distractions. Or, rather, not my usual distractions.

The Cons:

  • No access to berries. (One shaman made a comment to me when I was talking about "berries" at the last retreat.. And how he hadn't seen one in months. You just don't see them in Iquitos.)
  • The distance. It's three thousand miles away from family. Slightly more distance than Boston to Phoenix.
  • The language. Though it is easy to get by... But the main language is Spanish. Though this could be a "Pro."
  • Having to move out of my house, and store everything.
And like I said, I really should be a responsible adult and stay put for a few years. 

"Should be."

So clearly, the "Plan A" is to stay put and be a responsible lady.

That alone is an adventure for me.