The Continued Journey Of The Mind: Waking Up To Vertigo & Thirst.

Magical chimes ringing.

It's 5:30am in my dark bedroom. The blackout shade does it's job, keeping any hint of what is happening outside out of my view. The chimes ringing are from my mobile, which is indicating that it is time for me to get up and prepare for the day. I have 90 minutes to get up and get downtown for my session with the trainer.

But laying in bed I can tell something is off. The world is moving, and I am laying perfectly still.

My vertigo is kicking in.

I give myself a few moments of just laying still, thinking that it's mind waking up... And that it will correct itself in a few moments. But it does not. I reach over to the side table and grab a glass of water. It does nothing to stop the spinning.

So I lay down and set my alarm to go off in 15 minutes.

"Maybe resting for a few more minutes will help?" I wonder.

I'm woken by the chimes again. Only this time suddenly feel very parched. My mouth is extremely dry.

I guzzle water down, noticing it's not really helping any.

I text my trainer that I'm not going to be seeing him today, and that we have to move the session. Then I email my team.

I lay awake, and in bed for another hour.

I manage to get myself down the stairs and into the kitchen, where my coffee machine had been programmed to make my morning cups an hour earlier.

Drinking the coffee I pour feels good. I start to feel a little more grounded in each passing minute.

I think about where I was a month ago... Leaving on the adventure down south. It's hard to believe that was already a month ago. This past month has flown.

But I can still feel my body responding to the plant medicines. And so can my friends, who went with me.

"I wake up seeing the aya patterns for a few moments," said Bea.

I knew that experience. Ever since my first trip 18 months ago, I see them too. Right when I wake up. It's as though my mind is still exploring that space, even though the physical medicine was take long ago. The essence and spirit of it stays in you.

I am attributing my vertigo to the ayahuasca experience. I am seeing it as a purge. An after effect of the interaction. When at rest each night, the body continues to process what happened during the daytime.

This is why I am never afraid of my nocturnal activity, and look to it's lasting impressions to help me understand what my body and mind are going through.  There is so much to discover from dreams and thoughts that unfold in the pre-dawn/pre-start to the day. The mind is more pliable and open to letting ideas flow through, even if they seem random and out of nowhere.

So it is welcome.