"...An Old Fashioned Thing To Dress By The Seasons..."

It's been a busy week... Despite having a holiday at the start. The week saw me travel to the hot and moist city of Austin, which seems to be a pretty kick ass place. Despite the heat and humidity. But long days and the travel had me wiped out. Top that off with a brutal strength session with my trainer yesterday... And I have no motivation to move. Or rather, I am so sore I can barely move.

Which is why I am taking it easy today. And the morning has me sitting right here...

In my favorite chair... Reading, writing and watching the day progress.  The book that has me drawn in is one of my coffee table books... The Memos from Diana Vreeland's Vogue years.

I like to revisit the memo collection every few months for affirmation that my mild obsessions are not crazy, and that one can be untamed in their communication and still be a magnet for others.

The memo that has my attention most this morning is one where Mrs. Vreeland talks about a season-less wardrobe.

With Labor Day having just passed, and a a "new season" for fashion about to begin (Autumn/Winter 2015), I found it timely.  And also exactly how I feel. 

One of the draws of moving back west is being able to have a "year-round" wardrobe.  Even while living in the Northeast, there were a few pieces (beyond jeans) that I wore year round. But mostly my closet was comprised of pieces that fit into seasons. Dresses, sweaters, shoes, heavy Goose down coats... But I was known - much to my ex-husband's dismay - to wear things out of season, simply because I loved the piece and wanted to wear it.

I agree thoroughly with Mrs. Vreeland that "...it  really is an old fashioned way to dress by season.  Don't you all agree?"

I do, Mrs. V. I definitely do.

You're likely to see me in flowing boho tops and sandals in the middle of Winter, as well as in the Summer. My light-weight sweaters are accessorized with turquoise jewelry and stiletto booties in Fall and Spring.

And while I love my Burberry wool coat from nearly two Winters ago, I am grateful I don't have to wear it all for weather... and have been known to use it as a house coat while watching TV instead of a bathrobe.

Nothing gets packed and stored away each season. It all stays hung and stacked in my closet. 

The only things I think of as "seasonal" are:

  • Pumpkin Spice Lattes
  • Wine - Rose in particular
  • Peonies (Because you really can't find them out of Spring)