Behaving Reasonably & Conventions.

I only get to indulge in this twice a year...

CR Fashionbook.

Interesting pictures. Gritty. Soft. Messy. Sterile. Provocative.

Interesting text. Articles that follow the theme of each magazine and play to the dynamic interpretations the subjects have to them.

I was mostly consumed by the article asking various artists (musicians, photographers, writers) about "eccentricity".  That's where I found two of my favorite quotes from the issue...

"...there are no real conventions anymore."

This first one is from photographer Fran Lebowitz.  She says that there is a "lack originality in the average person."  And that true talent is rare. I don't disagree with her about the lack of originality. But I do think talent is in everyone. We're just so caught up in distraction and noise from "unoriginal talent" that we don't spend time working on our own. 

I am guilty of that myself. 

I do agree with her, also, about conventions no longer being real. For me they aren't real in that following them doesn't come naturally to me. It never has. Though I see many people who do follow them - it's a comfort zone thing. But for me, I wouldn't bat an eye if someone told me they were going to do something someone else might find "different" or "weird." And I've always been like that. My reaction has always been, "WHOA! That sounds cool!"

Which leads to the second quote, from musician Grimes. 

"I'm really bad at behaving reasonably."

I'm well-behaved and kind. Curious. Which is why I am introverted and needing space from people. Too much time around people, engaging... And I will be drained. Overwhelmed. I'll quiet up, and be silent. So I can certainly deal with being around people for long periods of time. But after a while, I will be very quiet and wary of the energy I'm absorbing from them. If they're super happy, I can usually roll with it. But if they are negative and only complaining, I need to step away for a while. 

So my behavior - "anti-social" it's been called - is a way I deal with neediness... WHICH WE ALL HAVE AT TIMES.

I celebrate "eccentricity"... Which I think is in everyone. Some of us roll with it more easily and openly than others. But those others - to their credit - are largely focused on making things comfortable for everyone sharing the space.

And I think I am "eccentric" for recognizing that. Screw convention.