Deconstructed Carbonara.

I don't get much of a chance to cook these days. It's pretty much limited to weekends where I get a moment to actually think about what to make for dinner that will be fulfilling.

And yesterday was one of those moments. I came across a recipe for pasta carbonara, only deconstructed.

Which basically means you use all of the ingredients for the traditional recipe, only you don't mix them in the same way. Instead, you place the ingredients together, but don't make it into the actual dish.

This recipe called for poached eggs.

One of my favorite things in the whole world. 

Two poached eggs, some pasta, cooked pancetta, sliced scallions, and some olive oil that I heated quickly with minced garlic to create a "sauce base" for the noodles...

Voila!!! Styled into a bowl...

It looks delicious. Took me 15 minutes to create this.

All those years I spent learning how to properly poach an egg...

So worth it!

So it's understandable that I'll get excited about any recipe that calls for them.