Dreams: Libraries & Batteries.

It may have been the exhausting yoga class, and the unearthing of more left to purge... But my dream activity was memorable, which it hasn't been in quite a while.

I woke up this morning thinking, "Something's being purged from my subconscious.  Some insight."

Ultimately, this wasn't a surprise. Right before bed I had meditated for a little while asking my brain to unfold some blockages and give me some fun dreams.

First dream...

I'm walking around a townhouse in a city. It's a pretty house. Red brick. Beautiful planted bushes out front. Large glass windows and doors letting in all kinds of light. I go inside. I know the place. I walk to what feels like my favorite spot in the house... A spiral staircase draped with velvet hangings. It's not a tall staircase... only about 10 feet tall. It leads to a wrap around balcony within a library room in the house. there are pillows and velvet hangings all on the balcony, making it a comfy and hidden hiding spot to those who enter the room.

I love it. 

I nestle into the pillows as I see someone - a female - walk into the room. She doesn't notice me. I don't know her. 

Then I wake up.

Second dream...

I'm opening a remote control and trying to change its batteries. I've got the spare double A batteries in one hand, and am taking the old batteries out. But the old batteries, as I am pulling them out, are different. The device takes double A batteries... But the old batteries that are in it are a mixture of proper batteries and mini batteries that are half the size of the double As. I fiddle with it for a good while, confused as to why the batteries were placed in there.  Eventually I get them in.

But it takes effort.

A house represents the self. Myself. And the state of the house is telling of how you are viewing yourself in life. In this case, the house was welcoming and immaculate. So clearly I have a very high opinion of myself.

Anyway...  The library represents seeking knowledge. The pillows on the balcony represent comfort and having a higher view of the landscape.

Clearly this is a dream about seeking more insights on life paths.

The second dream...

The remote control represents a relationship. Or relationships. I'm actually not quite sure in this case. The batteries needing to be replaced are symbolic of being drained and needing a recharge.  Since they were jammed into it in an unconventional way, I think that was my subconscious telling me that I've been running on half-sources. And those are now all depleted. And I replaced them with the proper sizes.

So there is hope. I am on a good path.