My Bohemian Habits: Burning Sage.

I try to be in the habit of cleansing my space on a regular basis.  Not just with the typical "cleaning" process involving the vacuum, mop, sprays and soaps...  But with sage. For energetic cleansing.

My best pal, Frogger, was out visiting me this weekend from Boston - having detoured down here after Pismo Beach last weekend. I got to show her around Encinitas, walking her through downtown. While we did that, I made sure to stop off and restock on an essential in my place...  The sage.

Sure, I grow sage in my backyard. But I have yet to be better about clipping some and drying it out in advance of when I will need it. (It's one of my goals for this second half of the year, as I have a ridiculous amount growing back here.)

I was showing Frogger how I burn the end and let the flames go out...  Then I waved the smoking stick around. I made sure to run it every corner of the house, along every window opening, and around every door frame.

I've been asked if I truly think this does anything. My answer is always, "Yes. Absolutely."

It discourages bugs and mice, as they dislike the smell. And it cleans the air up for me. It makes me feel more grounded, smelling the earthiness.

My ex-husband and ex-boyfriend both found this type of thing odd. I was never concerned with changing them to believe what I believe, but rather being with someone who would just let me be and not question my logic - as I never challenged theirs. I can absolutely see why logical people would think this kind of thing is weird. 

But my view is that if Shamans have been doing it for a very long time, as have other types of natural healers, than it can't be bad. And it does make the air smell nice, provided you don't go crazy and burn more than just a little bit each time you use it.

A stick this size should last me about two months, if I'm burning it every week.

I guess, knowing that, I could now proactively cut some from the garden and start to dry it out... Huh?