The Eclipsed Super Bloody Moon. Jupiter. And The Setting Moon.

It's rare that I actually pay attention to what is happening in the sky. In fact, the last time I remember looking up at the sky in recent months was when I was last in Amazon jungle, at Blue Morpho. I came out of the ceremony house to trek back to my bungalow, and I looked up. It may have been the aya still affecting me, but the stars were brighter than I had ever seen them before in my life. The sky looked darker and the stars sparkle peacefully.

But this weekend, like many others, I looked up at the sky in awe. And saw the Super Bloody Moon...

Not a bad picture, considering it was taken by an iPhone near a street light.

But I loved it.

I went to be happy that I got to see the eclipse. And when I woke up the next morning, I went outside (at about 5:45 am)  and looked up at the same place in the sky as the night before and saw this...

In place of the Moon was a giant bright light. Jupiter. Or possibly Venus.  Jupiter, Venus, Mercury... all were in the same line on my star map app.

I gathered my things to head to the gym and walked out the front door a few minutes later to this...

The Moon. Setting just beyond my neighbor's front yard, sinking below the trees.

So bright. 

A wonderful 10 hours of magical celestial activity. Most of which I slept through. But I am happy I caught the highlights.