Vignette: Moments Captured This Week.

It was a super busy week. This coming week will involve travel, and also required quite a few things to get done. So it will be equally as busy.

But I promise this isn't going to be a regular thing for me. (Otherwise, I might as well move back to the East Coast and surrender to the lifestyle of the functioning work-aholic.)

Anyway... Despite being a packed week, I did manage to steal a few moments to capture beauty...

The "Bubble Guy" in downtown, near my work. 

The cream colored roses on my entry table, in the late afternoon light.

This one is credited to my pal Frogger. She captured the hummingbird in my back garden one morning. Stunning, isn't it? Such great detail. Taken with an iPhone!

I hadn't bought new blush or bronzer in about three years. (Seriously.) So I splurged this weekend and bought Tom Ford make-up, at the recommendation of my hair stylist. She said it was  gorgeous stuff. I even splurged on new brushes, which a friend said looked "like clouds."

And my favorite thing... The rhinestone cat ears headband! I saw these in a department store and thought, "I would so rock these at work as my 'Everyday Look.'" I mean, they are awesome. This look I call, "Betchy Cat." Meow, betchez.