Waxing Poetic About Luck... While Being Waxed.

I'm laying on the table with my eyes closed while having a small ball of sugar wax pressed against the outer edges of my eyebrows.  And while Miss V., my aesthetician, is cleaning up brows, we start talking about life... And how lucky we are to live someplace like Encinitas.

Which naturally lead to us discussing how people define "luck."

"One of spiritual mentors says that being lucky is just a matter of being aware. And those who see themselves as unlucky are really just unaware."

That made sense to me. Because I don't believe in luck. But if I did, based on the definition, I would identify with being lucky.

And while I may not believe in luck, I do believe in Feng Shui...

My Money Corner In My Home

... Or at least superstition.

Superstition, and Beyonce.