An Impulse Purchase.

"I'm not going to make it."

It dawned on me that I wasn't going to make it to the 5:30pm Bikram class, as it was no 5pm and I hadn't even reached Del Mar yet on I-5. Traffic on Fridays sometimes comes to a complete stand-still as people head north a little earlier than usual. Just I'd intended to do, having left the office at 4pm.

So instead of rolling into the studio parking lot at 5:30pm, I decided to head to the bookstore for the new Vogue (though I've no idea why I keep buying it, as it really has become dull in the past few years).  I was going to spend the evening drinking wine, eating fish tacos, and reading.

And as I went up to pay for my magazine, something on the shelves behind the register caught my eye.

"Is that on hold for someone?" I asked. "Or is it available for purchase?"

The sales associate handed it to me and I peeked inside the pages of the thick and heavy photography book. I decided to buy it.

A lovely impulse purchase...

The Louis Vuitton Fashion Photography book. 

Unlike a lot of people, I collect photography books like this and actually read through them quite a bit. Some people call them "coffee table books"... Which they are for me in that they sit on my coffee table. But I pick them up and flip through them at least once a month.  For inspiration... For escape...

The pictures are dreamy and colorful...

But also nostalgic and classic...

While I personally would likely never wear or own anything from Louis Vuitton (not because of cost - more so because it is too sophisticated for my personal taste), I love the iconic look the luxury brand consistently carries.

Maybe someday my style will sync up with what the brand has going. But for now, I'll just keep admiring it for it's visual contribution.