Basic Betches Rejoice!

I like popular and trendy things.  

Like Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks, and Kombucha.

I'm a "Basic Betch"from time to time, yes. Which is why news today has the most fundamental elements of my Basic Betch-ness all sorts of squealing like a sorority girl (which I was one - believe it or not)...

 Gilmore Girls is being brought back to life for a six-hour return (four 90-minute episodes) on Netflix sometime in the future. Allegedly.

I have to believe this is true. And I really want it to be true, because this is one of my favorite TV shows ever.  And you can thank me personally for it's return.


Well, while I am sure Netflix's decision was largely based on knowing that this is a popular show with a lot of fans who are curious to see how the characters are doing now that's it's nearly nine years later...  I am willing to bet that the data Netflix has been collecting  supports the decision that:

  1. Lots of people are streaming the show (all seven have been available on Netflix for over a year now
  2. And Basic Betches like me are watching it multiple times over

So I'd like to think that the three times in the past year that I've watched the entire series (all seven seasons) over and over again in consecutive order contributed to the decision. I love the series that much.

I called in sick to my last job (the one before my current one) a few times just to stay home and watch it. (It was a "mental health" day. And I still worked 50 hours that week. So... WHATEVER!) I even cancelled a date with my last boyfriend because I was in "power binging mode." 

Netflix is the ultimate lover. And he knows exactly what I like...

Gilmore Girls.

And documentaries about French wine.

And the X-Files.

And documentaries about pant medicines and DMT.

Maybe I'm not so "Basic"?