Pulling Me Into The Office.

One thing I can not handle... A desk facing a wall.

Yet, when I moved into this house, the room I allocated for an office wasn't big enough to hold everything I wanted in an office and have my desk facing the TV/door.

So I put it towards the wall.

And I never sat up here in my office. In fact, I had to force myself to use the space when I was working or writing from home. 

Then last week, I had enough. I wasn't sure how I was going to be able to manage a full-sized couch, large deck, large leather ottoman and still maintain my blackboard wall. But I just couldn't take it anymore.

And... It all worked out.

I realized my couch fit perfectly along the wall where I'd had the desk...

And putting it this way allows me to lay down on it - or sit in the corner - and watch TV.

The other day I was working and sitting there, and I found myself wishing I'd had a dog laying next to me on that leather ottoman that I put right up next to it. 

How perfect would that be?

And now I can sit at this desk and look at the TV too...

Makes it much easier to write - for me at least - when I have a movie or TV show on in the background.

And now... The desk is now right next to the blackboard wall...

Which makes plotting out tasks much easier. You can see my agile and chaotic content calendar.

And I keep this bowl right on my desk...

And these guys - acquired five years ago in San Diego - watch my office for me. Protecting me.

Since changing the room around, my office is a much more comfortable place in which to hang out and work. I am magnetically pulled into here.

Which is good, because keeping these guys nearby...

My travel journals and inspiration writing books.

 Means I am motivated to tackle all of this...

The energy flows better with this layout, and I can feel more productive.