The Curious Letter That Arrived.

Oh that title makes it sound like a Harry Potter kind of thing, doesn't it?  As if I received a letter and it's inviting me into a magical world where anything is possible. Just like a child, young and full of dreams and possibilities.

This letter was not that, though, Far from it.

I arrived home yesterday (having gone all the way into Downtown San Diego - where I work - and trained with my trainer and then had to come back home looking like a smelly slob because I had forgotten my clothes for work at home) to a letter in my mailbox...

It was a thin envelope. And at first I had assumed it was "junk mail" and was about to toss it without opening it. I mean, it was addressed to "Parents" at my address. And my Mum and Dad live in Arizona. And I certainly don't have children.

But something told me to just open it. It was going to be "low maintenance" given how thin it was.

So I opened it.  And here is what it read...

Apparently the road is not a "save place" for children to play. And if I allow my children to play in the street, I am "trailer trash."

And when "an accident happen"... I have no one to blame but myself if one of my "children" gets hurt.

I laughed off the letter and put it away. The kids in this neighborhood don't "play in the street." They play on the lawns. And I've never seen anyone come close to hitting them. They're respectful kids, and so are their parents.

A few hours later, as I am leaving for yoga, one of my neighbors flags me down.

"Hey Heather! Did you get the letter?" she asked.

I laughed.

I told her I had. Apparently it had been delivered to only a few houses on the street. Three of which were households with no children.  It had likely come from someone on the street.

We laughed and laughed. Someone in the neighborhood is a bit of a passive-aggressive "See-You-Next-Tuesday".  But this neighborhood has so few scandals. It's amusing to pass the time.

And now, when I see my neighbors who also received the letter, I am going make double-sure that they aren't acting all "trailer trashy" and letting their kids play in the street.