The First 30-Day Challenge In Five Years...

That I will actually finish.

Yes. I started a 30-day hot yoga challenge yesterday. I've attempted quite a few in the past five years, since graduating from Teacher Training... But have a failed to move beyond the first week of classes with each one.

Life's gotten in the way. Or rather, I've allowed it to get in the way. (Story of my life!) But this time is different. I am going into it with the attitude of, "Nothing else is as important as this." And that's true. Or, at least, I am going to make it true.

So it started with a small class at the studio here in Encinitas yesterday. It was me and two other women. And not having been to class in a few weeks, I felt sick the whole time. It was also clear that all of the heavy lifting I've been doing has tightened up my shoulders and muscles. My biceps still felt like they were bulging from Friday's training session that it felt weird to try to get them next to my ears in Half Moon pose!

This morning, I had every intention of getting up and going to the 8am class. But as I lay in bed for a few moments, attempting to get into the day, I heard the drizzling of rain outside.

So I then was completely unmotivated to leave the house. And instead got up, drank coffee, made paleo pancakes, and then started cleaning. By 11:30am, I knew I didn't really want to leave the house at all. So I decided to give my "backup studio" some use.

Yes... The garage set-up. It work well. Amongst all of my kettle bells from Onnit, my European Bistro chairs, and my bike, I laid down my mat and towel while I had laundry going.

It tool me exactly 59 minutes to get through the whole series... Each posture, both sides. The breathing exercises...

Sweat was pouring.

Of course, I was wearing leggings and a long sleeve shirt. The rain outside helped create humidity in the garage.  And I had my wireless headphones on, playing mostly Beyonce and Britney while I moved from posture to posture.

I think that's why I was able to get through everything in just under an hour.

It's not going to be my go-to for this challenge. But I can certainly see myself using it when I can't hit a class in the city somewhere.  (No one really offers classes later than 6:30pm, except one studio where I do not like the owner and the La Jolla studio - which I won't like driving to.)

So two days down. Only 28 more to go.