Crisp Saturday Morning.

I have officially de-acclimated to cold weather.

This is only my second "Fall" season in Southern California... And waking up to 60-degree temps inside of my house has me reaching for a sweater and leg warmers to wear while I partake in my usual Saturday morning ritual as of late: drinking coffee and eating a baked croissant.

The sunshine easily lures me into the back garden though...

And it's beautiful. Quiet. Birds chirping. But a bright chill can be felt.

The rain showers that have visited us for quick moments over the past two weeks have worked magic on rejuvenating my herb bushes.

The lavender has a soft fullness to it.

And the rosemary...

I really need to start cooking with it. It's now crept over the edge and is touching the ground.

The sage is more lush than it was a few weeks ago when I cut quite a bit of it to make smudge sticks...

And it's grown back in where I hacked away.

Crisp California moments in the garden. I do love it.