Sedona: The Small Victory Of Getting Away.

A packed few weeks I've had. Work has kept me extraordinarily busy. It's not the usual. But it is the season of last-minute requests and changes to the new year's media planning initiatives for clients. So... In case you were wondering why I hadn't written you  in the past two weeks...

A few days with family in Phoenix, followed by about 8 hours of cooking in the kitchen for Thanksgiving... And I am ready for "alone time." But before I headed back to San Diego, I decided to drive up north to Sedona for a few days.

I haven't been here for nearly three years. And I had forgotten how touristy it actually is. Everything is over-priced. But it is beautiful. And cold...

I finally have a reason for the first time in nearly two years to bust out my wool coat. Though I neglected to bring anything other than sandals to wear on my feet. 

As I walked though a small shopping square of art galleries yesterday, one of the gallery owners would comment each time I walked past with, "Hey Miss Frozen toes! Are you cold yet? You need some socks."

Thanks, dude. My feet are fine. I wanted to say. I just smiled politely.

Eventually, after a sweat lodge session and a massage, I made my way to the bed and breakfast where I am staying. It's a charming little place tucked at the foot of the Bell Rock area.  I was enjoying the statues in the garden...

And the room is quite cozy...

The goal isn't to spend the few days that I am here touring Sedona, though. It's to just cut myself off and write and detox from my everyday world. So most people are being kind and giving me my space. 

I've been exhausted and dying for sleep. I think a nap will be in order at some point this afternoon. And a bath by the fireplace is an absolute must. 

There are a dozen things I could be doing for my work. (Clean out my inbox. Put tha media process into a powerpoint template. Finish that paid media pacing spreadsheet template. Finalize that Technical Audit template.) But I am taking this time off "for realsies."

I mean... I don't intend to respond to work emails more than once or twice every few hours.

And that is a victory.