The Infinite Year?

I really should have labeled this year, "2015 - The Infinite Year."  

Throughout 2015, I've had the infinity symbol pop up in random places for me. But I didn't really pick up on the signs much until I went to Cusco for my San Pedro tour in the Sacred Valley... And saw the infinity symbol in my cup of plant medicine...

And even then... It took someone pointing it out to me that it was there. I was so used to seeing the symbol everywhere - especially at the retreat center where I was staying... As the symbol was throughout the gardens, made of rocks.

But as the year progressed, I would see the symbol in everyday things. Mentally taking note each time I saw it.  Such as the time I pulled a drawer out in my bathroom and noticed all of my hairbands twisted and making the symbol...

Pretty common, I kept telling myself. Yet the symbol kept appearing.

Today, it appeared in the form of a sweat stain on my towel in yoga class...

I found it so funny, I had to stop in the middle of Savasana and pull out my phone to take a picture.

Bad yoga etiquette, I know. But I wanted proof of the moment. I wanted to be able to look at it later and know I wasn't imagining it.

What's it all mean? I have no idea. Clearly something to meditate and think about later today. But the Universe is telling me something about infinity.