One Decision That Can Change A Life Path.

Everything is interconnected.

My friend Jason and I chatted about this very briefly on his podcast last week. And it's something I learned in my first ayahuasca ceremony two years ago.

I, of course, had heard it before going into that medicine ceremony. But it wasn't until I was in the ceremony hut, having drunk the tiny sip of "aya" and had been listening to the icaros (medicine songs) being sung by the shamans for an hour, that I really "saw" and understood it.

My mind was able to see those connections very clearly. How one choice impacted the next, and how it had all led to me being in that rocking chair on the side of the room in the ceremony house.

On the Spinning Logic podcast, Jason pointed it out to me as I was talking about my travel experience, and how I'd come to be able to take that trip.

I had manifested it.

Like with many things in my life, I'd had an idea in my mind. I came across/surrounded myself with the idea frequently... And eventually found a moment to make that idea come to life.

Anyone can do it. Focus on that "set prize"... That experience they want... The steps are clear to achieving it.

  1. Visualize the idea. In your mind. Meditate on it. Day dream on it.
  2. Write it down. Maybe even verbalize it to someone. Basically, just put it out there... So that it exists beyond your mind. It exists in sight through writing. It exists in sound through telling someone else about it.
  3. Take an intentional step towards making the idea happen. If you want to move from Tucson to NYC, maybe your first step is reading about apartment rental prices and jobs available in NYC.  Then maybe that turns into you applying for one. Or taking a trip to that city and going on a job interview while you are there. (This is how I ended up there.)
  4. Flow with the Universe. Allow the Universe to start to support your curiosity and intention with the idea. Allow the Universe to "push" you along your path towards that "set prize."

All of this - you may feel - is "bunk advice." But it is all advice that can't hurt to try.  The one decision that could start you down an incredible path can start with choosing to allow the Universe to support your dream.