The Spinning Logic Podcast.

I've no idea why I was chosen... But I am flattered, nonetheless.

My friend Jason Havey - whom I met by way of the ayahuasca adventures I've been on - recently launched a podcast called Spinning Logic.

He conducts long-format interviews with people he thinks have a positive and valuable message to share with others. And he doesn't just go for the well-known guests for his show... As evidenced by his request that I be his guest for episode number 13.

"Um. Yeah. Of course I would love to do it," I said to him. Unsure of what we would even talk about in the podcast.

I was told to "prep nothing." That he would call me over Skype, and we'd chat. So I did as I was told... kind of. I totally prepped " a little" in that I bought a podcasting microphone the day before the scheduled podcast...

But I have another reason to have bought the mic, which I'll get to in a later post. (Or you can just listen to the podcast and hear about it.)

It was an awesome time! I was all over the place, and completely at ease talking to him. But that's because he's gotten to know my personality over our friendship on Facebook, and knows how to navigate my quirks. Well, really, he celebrates them and brings them to the forefront, as you can hear in the interview.  We talked about ayahuasca, my divorce, relationships, and other things.

I am lucky to have had the opportunity. And I recommend you guys subscribe to his podcast... Because there are many good interviews in there with more useful anecdotes.