2015 Review: The Year Of Love & Happiness.

Revisiting my "bucket list" that I put together in January this year...

I accomplished NONE of them.
  • 156 Bikram classes
  • 156 Orange Theory classes
  • 10 Paddle Board classes
  • 20 Sunday mornings at the beach
  • Monthly Deprivation Floating
  • Catching Up - In Person - With T
  • Write. Write. Write. 
Okay. Well, I guess I technically did the last one. But the others? Nope.

Sure, I made attempts to prioritize these things. But I chose to err on the side of letting work get in the way. Repeatedly.

Some habits do just not want to die.

So if I didn't get to my bucket list, what else can I look back on 2015 and be pleased about having accomplished?
  • My house got finished. I'm settled in, and feel for the first time like a place is truly "home." It doesn't feel temporary. I may not always live here full time, but this place is all mine.
  • I discovered I don't want to stay in one place. Others likely picked up on this long ago... I get "cabin-fever" when it comes to locations. I want to be able to pick up and venture out to some place more frequently than most people tend to want to. I am working towards being "location independent" overall, but having my base be here in Encinitas.
  • I stayed at a job longer than six months. It's true... Many who work with me know I am very sensitive about my confidence in companies I work with. With the exception of the great job I left in Boston to travel, the companies I engaged with in 2014 lacked to instill a sense of confidence in me for the leadership. And that's pretty much all I'll say about them. Because really what's been remarkable is the company I am with now, and have been with since May. A whole seven months! This is significant. It means I feel like I am working with people I can learn from because I feel like (and know) they are smarter than me. 
  • I go into relationships too easily. I am a long-term easy to get into a relationship kind of lady. Pretty much as soon as the former husband and I separated, I began quietly seeing my ex-boyfriend. It was mostly just encouraging conversations any friend would give someone going through a divorce. But very quickly it developed into feelings. And as I started my travels, we were talking every day. The same thing happened when I broke up with him in mid-Summer. I immediately began talking to someone else where it became a relationship.  And that's when I realized I hadn't really had any time to myself to not be focused on someone else in some way. Because when I am in a relationship with someone, I have this tendency to put them very high on my list. To the extent that I am dropping things that are important to me (like hitting a yoga class later on Sunday, or staying up late to talk to them when what I need is to head to bed early for sleep) to accommodate them. I get that relationships are about compromise. I mean, I did it for the 12 years the ex-husband and I were together - much more than he did. But I fall easily into a habit of being the more accommodating one, in my view. And that just can't be anymore.
  • I gained some creative direction. That could be credited some to a new mentor-like friendship I've developed where I am being encouraged pretty aggressively down a path. There are a few creative projects in the works for me. And I am excited about them. And I am so incredibly grateful for the relationships with friends that I've built up this year.
This year was what it was meant to be, in terms of "love and happiness." I'm focused more on love energy and having only things in my life that add value, letting go of the things that drained me. And I am much happier than I have been in a very long time because I am putting myself truly first in every sense. It took me all year to realize this and get to this point... Which will make it easy to move into 2016... Which shall be...

The Year of Manifesting.