2016: The Year Of Manifesting.

Why the "Year of Manifesting"?

This year I am headed into a Year 7, numerology-wise. It's the year of planning. A year of the "inner voyage." A year of meditation. Often a year of solitude for preparation.

So it means less "charging ahead" like I have been in the past few years. It's more about learning about myself, and formulating a picture and plan for where I want to be and what I want to be doing.

So less "go with the flow" and more prioritizing what I sense is needed for myself.

And I started tonight by "celebrating myself" with this...

Cheetos and the champagne!

I snacked on these while I wrote out the few resolutions I intend to accomplish...

Daily meditation.  A true opportunity to quiet my mind and restore. I've gotten decent at meditating. But that's because I don't expect to be perfect at it. It's always a work in progress, emptying the mind.

I started it early... And am already at Day 4. But I have until April 5th complete the Bikram 101 Challenge.  I'm the most optimistic I've been about a yoga challenge since 2010. And my practice in today's class was very opening. I could tell my mind was more focused. Imagine where I'll be in three months!

Oh I never did get to do ANY paddle boarding this year. I was so exhausted by the time the weekends rolled around that all I had energy to do are my weekend errands.  So my hope is to change that this year and to properly learn to paddle board, but not in the ocean. The idea of doing it in the ocean frightens me.

Best to save that for next year.

I've been quietly keeping this to myself. Mostly. Yes, I am going to be doing a podcast. A season. Pre-produced and released all at once. The first season is dedicated to "plant medicines."  And it basically entails me interviewing experts on various plant medicines that are used for healing the mind and body. 

I'm hoping it will be of interest and useful to someone.

Producing it will certainly be useful to me... In getting my creative energy out.

Here's to getting all things and no things accomplished in 2016...  For it will be a year of figuring out what I want, and then plotting a path to manifest it. But the way I see it, these things are part of the plan for that bigger manifestation.