A Quick Titstop In Boston.

Busy few weeks. What else is new?

Last week - and really, all of December - has been a bit of a blur. It's flown by. And before I knew it, my drive to phoenix for the holidays, along with a planned trip to Boston, was here. And now I find myself in the comfortable waiting area of the Perioperative Care wing at Mass General Hospital.

A friend is having a planned surgery. And I am on duty as the person who brought her, is staying the many hours through her procedure and recovery, and then taking her back home to begin her rest.

This means about six hours of waiting. Which by default means I need activities to keep me occupied while I wait...

Knitting and the work laptop. I'll finally finish my team's reviews, get some projects planned, and finish the scarf I've been working on since Thanksgiving.

And even though the hospital has Wifi, I'm packing my own Internet connection... The MiFi.  

I've been to the cafe downstairs once for coffee and breakfast. And am only about an hour into things.  Still a few more hours to go.

Worth it, though.