Anchoring In My Home... And On My Person.

My enthusiasm for precious stones appears to be pretty active lately.  And today, I added to my collection with seven new stones...

Some I will carry with me at all times, just as I do my phone and my keys when I leave the house. Others in the collection are too large to do such a thing, and I am intending to anchor them in specific spots within my house.

Red Jasper is a stone I'll be carrying with me.  A small reminder of self-healing, as well as to remember to breathe.

Another one I will be carrying on me is this Hematite. Another stone of protection, but also of balance.

The stone of love. This piece of Rose Quartz is too big to carry with me at all times. And besides, I already have a small Rose Quartz stone that I carry with me. This one, instead, will be used for Feng Shui purposes in the home.  For heart healing and love of the self... As well as for love with a partner.

I already have a small piece of Pyrite that I carry with me for protection. This one will anchor the home... intending it for protection as well as manifestation.

I also have a small piece of Copper that I carry with me at all times. This one is for the home as well.

Just as it is suggested, this Selenite wand is going underneath my bed. Anything that will help with a restful sleep.

And the final one I procured today... Rainbow Obsidian. Going to be in my home as well, clearing the space of negativity.

A little too "out there"? Perhaps. But I've been fascinated by stones for a number of years now. And I've experienced first hand their abilities.

So yeah... I'm sticking with what I've seen work.